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Group Coaching Calls

Our group coaching calls are the perfect time to get more insight on the lessons learned from the Strategy School video modules. During this time, Q will answer one question per person during the hour allotted for the call.

In group settings such as this, there is a right way and a wrong way to ask a question. The right way to ask a question is to ask something that relates to a concept or strategy from the training modules that can benefit the entire group on the call.

The wrong way to ask a question on the group call is to ask something that is so specific to you that no one else listening can benefit or a question that has nothing to do with what is being taught in Strategy School. No one wants to feel like the question being asked or the statement being made does not add value to the group, right? Exactly!

So be a great Strategy Schooler and only ask question that both serve you AND your fellow classmates on the call.

Now, when it is your turn to ask a question, please state your name and be sure to keep your question as clear and concise as possible. We want to get in as many questions as possible!

If you’re unable to catch the live call, no worries! A replay of each call will be available on this page. And if you have a question, but can’t make the call, feel free to email us at and we’ll get back to you!

The intention of our group coaching calls is to provide more clarity on the strategy school lessons and a chance to gain more insight by receiving answers to your questions. Let’s make these calls a productive time that benefits everyone!