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We’re on this Quest together.

Strategy School for Service Providers is the missing piece you’ve been searching for to take your business from crescent to a full moon of success. Our community of entrepreneurs are all committed to being the foundation for change in our community through support of social impact enterprises. We’re here to provide the tools and support needed, and to provide the advice entrepreneurs need to do good. This community is where we come together to help each other thrive in our individual endeavours.

Although this community was created to help each other reach new levels in business, it is not a place to solicit new clients. Please refrain from pitching to our members, sharing affiliate links, or being “spammy” in any way. Violations of this policy will be grounds for removal from the group without refund.

Here is how you can be involved in the Strategy School Community

  • Complete Your Member Profile (This feature is coming soon)

    Complete your member profile with your name, email address, and business information. You never know what kind of collaborations or opportunities may be possible if someone searches our member directory and comes across YOUR profile!

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  • Strategy School In-Person Meetings

    A great place to connect with your fellow members will be at our in-person meetings. Don’t be afraid to use your voice, ask questions, share best practices you’ve learned, and experiments you’ve tried with your business. You never know who may benefit from it! Engaging with other members can create a support system that extends beyond the 5 months we’ve committed to spend together. Make this time work for you!
    Remember, if you need any direct help or feedback from Q or a Strategy School team member, please email us at

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  • Your Strategy School Facebook Group

    There’s a private Facebook group for Strategy School members. We encourage all members to join the group and keep that engagement going!

A note on Facebook:

A note on Facebook:

  1. The Facebook group is only available to Strategy School Members. Your friends, partners, etc cannot join.
  2. Remember, the strategy school community is about learning strategies to enhance your business. It is not a place to turn members into new clients. Do not pitch or attempt to sell to members in the group. You will be removed from the Facebook group.
  3. Please direct your technical questions to instead of Facebook.

When reading advice, opinions, or other commentary from members in the group on Facebook, please use your discretion. If you have a specific question, please reach out to a member of the Strategy School team. We want to answer your question or concern quickly and efficiently and email is the best way to make it happen!

Facebook Group Sign-up Process

  1. If your name on Facebook is different than the name we have on file for you, please email us at after sending your request to join the group with your facebook profile name. We will then cross reference and approve your request to join the group.
  2. Click the button to request to join the Strategy School Facebook group.
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Strategy School Facebook Group Guidelines

Our Facebook group was created as a place to connect and be supported by your fellow Questers and the Twilight Quest Team. In order to make sure it is an encouraging and safe space, please follow the guidelines below:

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

This is a safe space for all members. We do not tolerate negativity or bullying. Good vibes only! If you disagree with someone, please do so respectfully. Robust dialogue is encouraged, but please refrain from using language that is offensive or discriminatory. Personal attacks will not be tolerated in any manner. When providing feedback to other group members, please make sure it is constructive. We want everyone’s voice to be heard, but only in a way that is uplifting to the community. 

Give, then Receive

We encourage asking questions and sharing what you’re working on, but be sure to keep a greater focus on sharing things that will provide support, knowledge, and encouragement to the entire group.

Don’t Steal.

Do not copy or use someone else’s intellectual property without giving proper credit or attempting to pass off someone’s work as your own. This is a serious offense. If you feel someone has stolen your intellectual property, please contact them directly. If no resolution has been reached, please email us at

Respect people’s privacy.

Never email or contact other members without their permission, or add people to your newsletter list. Violating this is grounds for immediate removal.

Conduct your own research.

If you decide to do business with anyone you’ve met through Strategy School, please use wise judgement. As in any business transaction, your dealings are at your discretion and require due diligence on the company, clear terms of service, and legal coverage to protect your business. Twilight Quest is not liable for any disagreements between parties, loss of time or revenue, breach of contract, or any other unfavorable outcomes in doing business with members met through Strategy School.

If you have any questions about our community that have not been covered here, please feel free to reach out to us! Email and we will get back to you.