Across the globe, social entrepreneurs and mission-driven organizations are reshaping how change happens. They are starting new organizations, new companies, and new initiatives to follow their passion for innovating, disrupting and sparking positive change. With the desire to grow their idea into a self-sustaining business or impactful organization many founders and teams encounter roadblocks to scaling up and expanding their efforts.
Common Road Blocks
  • Ready to grow but no plan to scale
  • Big goals but no step by step process to reach them
  • Lack of TIME to research and implement growth strategies
  • Too many competing priorities
  • Not maximizing the efforts of your team
We know that the more resourced these growing companies and organizations are, the better chances they will have to be successful, scale, and thrive. Social entrepreneurs need accessible business strategies that they can immediately apply to make real and lasting change.

We've created a program that will create business strategies to grow your enterprise.
An Immersive Quest
for Social Entrepreneurs

to develop strategies to sustain and scale their work.
Strategy School is an interactive learning experience that uses visual planning tools to create business development, marketing, and operational strategies while integrating positive mindset and productivity solutions to develop both the social enterprise leader and their initiative simultaneously.​​​​​​​
Strategy School
Training Course Modules
  • Revenue clarity
  • Metrics to track and measure success
  • Detailed blueprint for business growth
  • Preparing to manage a growing team
  • Understanding the marketing funnel
  • Your customer journey
  • Content and Messaging
  • Expanding your reach
  • Specific revenue, team, & brand goals
  • Prioritizing and project management
  • Building operations efficiencies
  • Using the data that matters
Positive Mindset
  • Self-care toolkit for leaders
  • The sustainable work environment
  • Mindsets for performance
  • Productivity hacks for well-being
You won't be alone on your Quest...
• Connect with a community of Questers
• Join live Coaching Calls
• Sign up for one on one consulting
• Get email support if you get stuck

Track Progress

The online platform allows each participant to track their progress which will be shared with the cohort to encourage accountability.   

24/7 Access to Online Lessons

No need to try and remember everything.

Each video lesson is accompanied by a PDF transcript and MP3 audio that can be downloaded and accessed from any device. Each lesson also comes with a downloadable Quest Worksheet to assist in the direct application of the lesson material. You will begin implementing strategies immediately.

Now is the time to focus your magic on your enterprise!
Strategy School was designed to support social enterprises already in existence with consistent operations. You get the most from this program if you meet these 

Consultants, sole proprietors or micro-businesses with 1 to 10 FTE

At least early stage business (1 to 3 years)
Clear client base and defined service offering(s)
Ready for immediate business growth
For teams, the participant should be a founder and/or director and have autonomy over decision-making.
While we have envisioned an ideal applicant we are open and excited for interested parties who do not exactly match the criteria set forth. It is more important to support enterprises in need than to exactly fit a pre-defined list. We encourage people to apply who feel they are not an exact match or have conflicts to the online meeting dates. Please list conflicts in the notes section of the application. All applications will be considered.
Supporting Social Enterprises

Twilight Quest is a social enterprise that emerged from Orange Moon Media. TQ's goal is to positively impact economic and workforce development by bolstering the success and sustainability of other social enterprises including small business, nonprofits, and their leaders.

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